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What is a corset ?

Most women associate a corset with uncomfortable and outdated part of underwear. La Belle Epoque  rediscovers corset's advantages and focuses on its impact on women's body. Nowadays we link corset's with celebrities, wearing them with shirts, dresses and T-shirts.That trendy part of the daily or evening outfit is sewed not only to look beautiful, but also to narrow the waist and emphasise bust. 


This invisible part of a corset constitutes  construction. Bones make a corset firm and provide sculpting effect. La Belle Epoque uses the highest quality bones, made out of thin steel. Therefore in our corset you can feel comfortable all the time. 

Corset bonds

Different corset bonds are dedicated for different types of corsets. Bonds enable to tighten the corset depending on the effect you want to reach. It is also a decorative part of the corset, therefore 

Most of our cosets have specially designed gusset, that protects skin and provides tasteful look. 

Classic busk

Most frequently used in corsets. They are located in the front of a corset on the whole length. Made out of steel, available in silver, gold colour or with Swarovski crystals on the special order.  


Modern alternative of clasp. We can put the zipper in the front, back or on the side of a corset. Zips can be decorative part or totally invisible. Additionally they enable to put a corset on easily without undoing the bonds. 

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