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Stwórz swój gorset

Design you own corset...

also online

Are you looking for an extraordinary dress?

Then you are in a good place !

Here  you can design your own corset, perfectly tailored for you figure and adapted to occasion.

You will look and feel incredible, regardless of age and size.

Fell invited to our Atelier, where  you can meet with our designer.



Nonetheless if you are not able to visit us,

this website will walk you through the steps of designing your corset online.

Choose the style, fabric and accessories,

then our designer will prepare specially for you a sketch of your corset, totally for free.

After these steps you can decide if you want us to sew your corset.

6 steps of designing online

Measure yourself

Choose style and fabric


 Accessories are the part of designing proccess that give personal touch to your project. Romantic laces, charming ribbons and seductive Swarovski crystals. We guarantee, that regardless what accessories you choose your outfit will be breathtaking. 


Please fill out special order form below. 

 Our designer will provide you within a couple of days with a sketch of your outfit.

Keep in mind - it is totally for free !

We will also estimate the total cost of your outfit, which is usually a bit higher than of our products from the regular collection. 

Adjustments and sewing

At this step you receive your project sketch ! If some adjustments are needed, now it's the perfect time to make corrections. Only when you are fully satisfied with the project we can start sewing process.


Depending on your project, the time of sewing may vary ( usually about 2 weeks).  Estimated time of  the delivery is 2 to 3 days.

Measuring is a vital part of  a designing procces. Only after that step we are able to sew a corset, that will fit you perfectly. Well designed corset slimmers waist, makes bust more or less prominent and ensures hourglass figure. You can find through instruction on how to measure at the bottom.

Do you prefer corset top or corset belt? Accesorised with classic corset busk or modern zipper ? Possibillities and options are uncountable, each giving various effects dedicated to your figure. On our site you can also find different types of fabrics. Depending on the fabric you choose we can achieve daytime or evening outfit. 

6 etapów projektowania
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